Shawnee Hills Sewer Bill

Sewer bill payment options

1) Users can call the Village office at 614-889-2824 Option 2 and ask for the amount due on their current bill.
2) Users can pay ahead and the credit will show on the bill.
3) Users can use their own banking institutions website to pay the bill online.**

4) You can allow the Village to automatically debit your checking or savings account each month so you do not have to worry about paying it. To do so please complete the authorization form and return to the office, please click Preauthorized Payment Form.

5) You can view, print or pay online with a debit or credit card by clicking hereSewer Payments. There is a fee for this service.
6) You can drop a payment off at the Municipal Building or use our drop box located at the rear of the parking lot at the Municipal Building, 9484 Dublin Road.

**Please note when using option three above that many banking institutions have different pay processes and may issue the Village a paper check which is sent by postal mail. It must be understood that a user may use their own banks bill pay option and should allow for their banking institutions specified payment delivery time-line. If the banking institution has no specified time line for payments then the payee should allow up to a minimum of seven (7) days for the check to arrive at the village office via postal mail.

Pay Online