Special Duty officers and vehicles are available for your event. 


Costs for Services

Police may provide security services, road closures, traffic direction, etc. Event organizers will normally be charged the following special duty rates for Police services:

· $39 per hour for all officers, with a minimum of 3 hours billed per officer. For events that require four or more officers, an event supervisor is required. For these events charges will be:

· $39 per hour for all officers, with a minimum of 3 hours billed per officer

· $43 per hour for event supervisor, with a minimum of 3 hours billed per supervisor (If a supervisor is required)

· $15 per hour for all vehicles


If a business or individual that has contracted for a special duty officer wishes to cancel the job, notification must be made to the police department or to the officer directly at least one hour prior to the scheduled start of the job. If neither the police department, nor the officer is called to cancel the job or cancellation has been made less than one hour prior to the scheduled start of the job, the business or individual contracting for the special duty officer will be billed for 3 hours “show-up” time for all officers scheduled to work.


Enforcement of other laws

· Nothing shall prohibit the authority of any officer to arrest a person engaged in any act or activity granted under this policy, if the conduct of such person violates the laws of the state or ordinances of the Village of Shawnee Hills, or unreasonably obstructs the public streets and sidewalks of the Village, or if such person engaged in acts that cause or would tend to cause a breach of the peace.

· The granting of any Event Permit shall not eliminate the requirements for any business license or any other permits which may be prescribed by any other federal, state or local statutes, ordinances, rules or regulations; or compliance with any other applicable federal, state or local statutes ordinances, rules or regulations.


Security and Safety Services

The Shawnee Hills Police Department will identify general security issues to consider at any event and will, at their sole discretion, determine the amount of police required for safe operation of the event. Sworn law enforcement officers or other approved village staff will be required for any traffic control in streets or roadways.


Please fill out the Police Contact form and note "Special Duty."  Please provide as much information regarding your need as you can so we can properly respond to your request.