The Shawnee Hills Village Council

Village Council is the legislative authority for the village. In order to enact a new law or to enact any legislation necessary for the operation of the village, action is required by both branches.

From its members, Council elects a President Pro Tempore, who is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Mayor in his or her absence. Also, the Council President Pro Tempore fulfills an important leadership role on Council, appoints Council members to standing committees and is Council’s liaison to the Administration.

Legislation considered by Council takes two forms, Resolutions and Ordinances, and serves a variety of purposes. Some Ordinances and Resolutions simply allow for the purchase of equipment, supplies or needed services. Others change the zoning standards for specific property. Still others make amendments to the Village Code, which contains the local laws for our community.

Forty-five day legislation has a first and second reading before Council and is voted on by the Council following its third reading. Emergency legislation is voted on following its first reading. A simple majority vote of Council is required for passage of forty-five day legislation; however, five votes are required for emergency legislation.

The Shawnee Hills Village Council, in addition to legislative responsibilities, is also responsible for confirming appointments made by the Mayor. Also, each Council member chairs at least one committee of Council and is responsible for the legislation falling under that committee’s jurisdiction. There are six members of Council serving staggered, four-year terms. Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years.

All Meetings are held at the Timothy L. Fellure Municipal Building, 9484 Dublin Rd. Shawnee Hills, and begin at 7:00 P.M. 

Dan Mathews
President Pro Tempore
Douglas Gil
Renee Matney
Jeff Stacy
Mary Gates
Robert Thatcher
Municipal Building

Village Council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the Shawnee Hills Municipal Building.

Mayor’s Court is in session every third Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and is located in the Shawnee Hills Municipal Building.

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